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Business Intelligence/IBMIBM InfoSphere Advanced DataStage - Advanced Data Processing V9.1Réf. : ZL1_KM422

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Objectifs : - Use Connector stages to read from and write to database tables Handle SQL errors in Connector stages
- Use the Unstructured Data stage to extract data from Excel spreadsheets
- Use the Big Data stage to read from and write to Hadoop HDFS files
- Use the Data Masking stage to mask sensitive data processed within a
DataStage job
- Use the XML stage to parse, compose, and transform XML data
- Use the Schema Library Manager to import and manage XML schemas
- Use the Data Rules stage to validate fields of data within a DataStage job
- Create custom data rules for validating data
- Design a job that processes a star schema data warehouse with Type 1 and Type 2 slowly changing dimensions
- Use the Surrogate Key Generator stage to generate surrogate keys


Prérequis : You should :
- complete DataStage Essentials course or equivalent
- and have at least one year of experience developing parallel jobs using

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